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'Transport' competition - 17 May 2022

A small group of members gathered in the Quay Church for our Print competition, ‘Transport’ on 17 May. We welcomed judge, Gill Adams, BSc. who, due to a traffic problem, arrived late. This meant Robin Garrod and Steve Stammers had to start off the evening doing a bit of their own (tongue in cheek) judging while members decided anonymously what mark they would give for each print. These were to be collated at the end and a winner found. However, much to our relief, the judge arrived about 20 minutes late and we were able to proceed as normal.

Twenty-one images were submitted. First place was given to Ann Stammers for ‘Deliveries with a Smile’ (see below). Steve Stammers achieved second place with ‘A Slightly Uneven Load’ and third place was awarded to Ann Stammers again with ‘Gee-up Humpy-Grumpy’. All images can be viewed here.

The judge seemed to like images which told a story, and which were well composed rather than concentrating on too much technical detail which was a refreshing change.

All in all it was an excellent evening and members enjoyed the luxury of being able to meet face to face once again. Posted 20/05/2022

Deliveries With a Smile_Ann Stammers.jpg

Finally back to face-to-face meetings

Tuesday, April 26th saw our first face-to-face meeting since February 2020, which was a really special occasion. Thank you to Kevin Bitter for setting out the hall at Woodbridge Quay Church so beautifully and making us feel so welcome. 

A highlight of the evening was the print mounting demonstration given by Sue Garrod (suitably aided and abetted by Robin) in advance of our May print competition, 'Transport'. Sue's impressive demonstration focused on mounting A4 prints onto a mounting board with an aperture pre-cut to accommodate that size. Members soon realised that the process is not as straightforward as it might appear at first with Sue pointing out and illustrating various pitfalls to avoid. For example, being aware that the aperture size is slightly smaller than the actual image so take care not to accidentally crop important elements by misaligning it, making sure any borders are  aligned properly and making sure the backing board is fitted correctly. Posted 04/05/2022

Granville Foulger Trophy - 19 April 2022

East Ipswich Camera Club hosted the Granville Foulger Trophy inter-club competition on 19 April.again on Zoom with a monochrome PDI category instead of the usual prints. Five clubs took part and Woodbridge got off to a great start with our first two colour images being held back by the judge - 'Big Boy' by Barrie Henderson and 'Priude and Joy' by Trevor Boyd, eventually being awarded scores of 18 and 19 respectively. Regretfully, we did less well in the mono section, and were let down buy some low scores. The judge was Jonathan Vaines LRPS CPAGB AFIAPPosted 24/04/2022

Open subject competition - 15 February 2022

At our open subject competition on 15 February, judge Michael Lloyd had difficulty choosing between the two top images, so he named 'Big Boy' by Barrie Henderson and 'Lonely Tree with Visitor' by Ann Stammers as joint winners (see below). The battle for runner-up was also close, with 'Ogwyn Valley' by Steve Stammers and 'Pride and Joy' by Trevor Boyd sharing the honour, and 'Happisburgh Lighthouse' by Allan Warner highly commended.

There were a total of 51 entries, and our thanks go to Michael for not only judging, but also for his constructive comments. All the entries can be viewed herePosted 16/02/2022

Big Boy_Barrie Henderson.jpg
Lonely Tree with Visitor_Ann Stammers.jpg

Roundup of 2021

Another successful year in the midst of a Covid Pandemic.

A huge thank you to our members who have supported the Club throughout the year.

My Slideshow captures what we have been doing.

I hope you enjoy it.   Robin Garrod - Chairman

Posted 09/01/2022

Link Image.jpg

'Landscape' competition - 17 November 2021

Congratulations to Christine Brown for achieving the double by taking first and second places in our 'Landscape' competition, which was judged by Tony Bramley FRPS. Her winning image, 'Autumn above Saas Grund' (see below), was commended by Tony for having an Ansel Adams feel to it, albeit in colour instead of Adams' iconic black and white - praise indeed!

Christine's second prize image was 'Dawn Over the Western Ghats', and third place was awarded to Steve Stammers for his image 'Lake Padarn, Snowdonia'. The competition attracted 51 entries from members, all of which can be viewed here.

Our thanks to Tony for his excellent judging and helpful comments. Posted 18/11/2021

Autumn above Saas Grund_Christine Brown.jpg

Sad loss of our friend and fellow club member Ossie Kettle

I am sure you were all saddened at the news of Ossie’s passing on 27th October 2021. He was a member of the Club for many years, joining long before I did or became Chair. He had good eye for a picture and all of his images had the “Ossie look” and characteristic editing technique we expected. At competitions we never needed to ask whose image it was; if you didn’t like it, that’s okay, he did. Quiet and unassuming and a man of few words, we all enjoyed his company at meetings and exhibitions.
We will all miss him when we finally get back to meetings after this tragic pandemic. Please enjoy a selection of his images here.

Robin Garrod (Chair WCC)

Posted 18/08/2021


Virtual Exhibition 2021

It was a double win for Richard Brown who was awarded first place in both colour and monochrome categories in our annual exhibition, which was launched on Zoom on 17 August. His images 'Loving the Snow' and 'Reach for the Sky' (see below) were selected by judge Rob Howarth from a total of 101 entries, all of which can be viewed as a slideshow on YouTube here.

In the colour category, 'Red bill has arrived home' by Steve Stammers was placed second and 'Encircled Droplet' by Trevor Boyd third. In the mono category, 'Reflections on Sax' by Sue Garrod was second and 'Skate boarder' by Keith Pryke third. There were also 7 highly commended images.

Our thanks go to Rob for judging the images and putting together a video presentation with his comments on the placed and commended images. Posted 18/08/2021

Loving the Snow_Richard Brown.jpg
Reach for the Sky_Richard Brown.jpg

'Seeing Red' competition - 20 July 2021

Congratulations to Richard Brown for taking first place in our 'Seeing Red' competition, which was held, as usual (but hopefully not for too much longer), on Zoom. His winning image 'A Splash of Red' (see below) was selected by judge Mike Lloyd from the 51 entries submitted by members, all featuring the colour red. Second place was awarded to Allan Warner for his image 'Red Robin' and third place to Steve Stammers for ' Red Bill has Arrived Home'. A gallery of all images can be viewed here.

Many thanks to Mike for his excellent judging and constructive comments. Posted 21/07/2021

A Splash of Red_Richard Brown.jpg

Annual Exhibition 2021

This year our annual exhibition will be held online and will be launched on Tuesday 17 August. All members may submit up to 5 images, which can be colour or monochrome, and these should be sent to the club competitions email no later than 4 August 2021. Colour and monochrome images will be judged separately with an award for the best in each category. Posted 07/07/2021

'Decay' competition - 18 May 2021

At our 'Decay' competition on 18 May judge Paul Radden started by informing us that after viewing the images he was completely depressed and disgusted by some of them, but thankfully, this was not due to the quality of the photography but by the subject matter!

Paul did an excellent job of scoring the 57 entries and passing on helpful comments and advice. The winning image was 'Goldfinch - a Study in Decay' by Sue Garrod (see below), with 'Buy One, Get One Free' by Barrie Henderson in second place and 'End of the Line' by Trevor Boyd in third. A gallery of all images can be viewed here.

Our thanks to Paul for his excellent judging and constructive comments. Posted 20/05/2021

Goldfinch - A Study in Decay_Sue Garrod.

Granville Foulger Trophy - 20 April 2021

This year's Granville Foulger Trophy competition, hosted by East Ipswich Camera Club, was held virtually on Zoom, with a monochrome PDI category substituting for the usual prints. Woodbridge competed against clubs from East Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Manningtree and Stowmarket and we achieved third place. The judge was Marilyn Steward ARPS. Posted 26/04/2021

Toying with your Camera - 6 April 2021

The subject for our Zoom meeting on 6 April was "Toying with your Camera". Members were invited to have a go and share their attempts at toy photography, which led to an interesting and amusing evening with contributions from several members returning to their childhood memories, some of which can be viewed herePosted 10/04/2021

Open subject competition - 16 February 2021

Our virtual open subject competition on 16 February attracted 57 entries from members. These were reviewed by judge Gerry Metcalfe, who joined us for our Zoom meeting to pass on his comments and scores. First place was awarded to Trevor Boyd for his stunning image "Making Fire" (see below), described by Gerry as the best image he had seen for a long time. Second place went to Barry Jones for "Migration in Motion" and third to Steve Stammers for "Swallowing on a Rainy Day". A gallery of all images can be viewed here.

Our thanks go to Gerry for his excellent judging and constructive comments. Posted 17/02/2021

Making Fire_Trevor Boyd.jpg