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2016 Exhibition

Captains Wood
Tower Bridge at Night
Vienna from the Ferris Wheel
A Penny for Your Thoughts
Hot and Dusty
Red Deer at Minsmere
Rainbow Lorikeet
Macro Insect
Open Wide
Dinner for a Dagger Fly
The Red Panda
Egret Encounter
Shifting Sands
Stormy Skies over Amsterdam
Emperor Xiang Yu
French Meccano
Tang Dynasty Drummer
Grand Canal
Yu Ji
The Bridge Porto
Alone in the Woods
St Nicholas, Rattlesden
Panoramic Prague
A Little Piece of England
UAE National Day
Cloudy Wheat
Children of Chiang Rai
Theatre Nurse
Porto Artist
Check Mate
City of Bicycles
Putting the World to Rights
Light and Shade
The Watchers
Me & My Shadow
Melon Farmer
Polski Kawaleria
Travelling in Dubai
Time for Tea
Snape Sunrise
Normanton Church, Rutland Water
Just A Small Prick
Fun Guy
Blue Tit
Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Garden Friend
Sea Eagle over Norwegian Fjord
Salvador Street Art
Pondering Sheep
Touch the Sun
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